NanoWork ® - stencil with anti-adhesion properties

Laser cut stainless steel stencil with nano coating from LaserJob

 The patented NanoWork - stencil from LaserJob is based on a laser cut SMD stencil. Since 2007 LaserJob coates SMD - stencils and step stencils in an in-house process. The NanoWork coating is applied on the bottom side of the SMD stencil and inside the apertures; the squeegee side stays uncoated.


Better contour definition and lower failure quote

The unique “easy-to-clean” surface of the Nanowork - stencil reduces significant the adhesion of the solder paste on the bottom side of the SMD stencil and inside the apertures. Therefore the contour definition of the solder paste deposit is improved and constant transferred solder paste volumes are realized. Solder paste bridging is minimized as well, which leads to a higher process stability and lower failure rates.


Less cleaning cycles due to easy-to-clean surface

Better contour definition

Excellent solder paste release

Constant transferred solder paste volume

Optimized aspect- and area ratio 

NanoWork stencil

NanoWork stencil

with anti-adhesion properties



without nano coating after 5 print cycles without cleaning.

NanoWork coating

NanoWork coating

after 5 print cycles without cleaning with perfect paste release

NanoWork coating

NanoWork coating

picture from the underside of the coated stencil with coated aperture walls.

Which side is coated of a NanoWork-stencil?

The NanoWork® coating is applied to the bottom side (printed circuit board side, PCB)

and inside every aperture. Before the coating is applied, a CNC brushing process removes all burrs on the laser exit side in order to provide optimal printing performance. The upper side (squeegee side) is left uncoated in order to proper rolling of the solder paste. 

How long does the coating last?

In dependence of the squeegee pressure and mechanical treatment of the stencil, the coating lasts for several 10-thousand prints.

How thick is the coating?

The coating layer thickness is ≤ 2 μm

Which cleaning agents are compatible with the NanoWork stencil?

In general all water based neutral cleaners and all solvent based cleaners are compatible, all water based alkaline cleaners are not compatible with NanoWork ®-coated stencils.

Is there any special handling necessary?

In general a careful handling is necessary, that means no mechanical treatment of the coating with tools like spatulas or sharp knives.

How often you have to clean the stencil?

This will depend crucially from the layout of the stencil and it can, however not yet be ascertained. As smaller the apertures as more often the stencil has to be cleaned. Experience has demonstrate, that the cleaning cycles are correlating with the failure rate of the printing process. One indication of this is the bridging behaviour or unsharp or smearing contour of the solder paste direct after the printing process. A good helping tool is the printing process on bare FR4 material without cleaning cycles. The number of prints with the first failure is the maximum print number you can achieve without cleaning.

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