Innovative Filter Modules for the Separation of Microplastic from Waste Water


Project description

Microplastics are discharged into our wastewater and the environment every day. Thus far wastewater treatment plants are not able to sufficiently reduce microplastics. Therefore our focus is on the development of a filter that is ready for serial production, which enables the filtration of particles down to 0.01mm (this equals the thickness of household aluminium foil) based on the patented cyclone filter. Due to its special technology, this filter is clogging and maintenance-free and not a disposable filter. Once the prototype has been built, it will be tested in a treatment plant using real wastewater.

The research project -Sim Con Drill- was nominated for the Green Award 2020

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The first laser system was designed to be flexible so that other, thicker sheets could also be processed. For example, 1mm-thick sheets made from copper and copper alloys were cut for the automotive suppliers industry.

Gradually, further laser systems were designed and built. Additional areas of application including laser welding and laser marking were also added to the company portfolio. The company's machinery was also expanded to the same extent.

Subsequently, we doubled the size of our production site in Grafath and then, eight years later in 2009, moved to our new company premises in Fürstenfeldbruck spread over 2,500m². The better quality of our products and the PatchWork®- and NanoWork®- stencils opened up the international market for LaserJob and led to the foundation of a North-American production site near Toronto, ON, Canada. A brand new, innovative area of application was developed in 2010 – electro-erosion using ultrashort pulse laser technology. A pulse duration of around 10ps and a corresponding high pulse power means that hard and brittle materials are also able to be processed.

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