SMD - stencils with a precise cut

LaserJob was the first company in Germany starting the production of laser cut stencils. In the meantime we produce besides SMD-stencils also step stencils under the trade name PatchWork® -stencil in our new company building in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich. The step stencil which is manufactured exclusively by laserJob in a combination of a laser cut and laser welding process was filed out as a patent in the year 2000.
Already in 2007 LaserJob began with the production of nano coated stencils under the trade name NanoWork®- stencil. In addition to frame mounted SMD-stencils LaserJob developped their own tensioning system called LJ 745. Each stencil is produced in air conditioned production rooms with high accuracy and exact aperture geometry.



25 years of LaserJob

It all started on 1st April 1992 with the idea to manufacture laser-cut SMD stencils. Two laser experts, Mr. Kleemann and Mr. Englmaier, designed a laser cutting machine with a pulsed 50-watt laser. At the same time, software was programmed for the purposes of data processing and the entire manufacturing process was developed including CNC finishing machinery. The result was the first laser-cut SMD stencils in Germany in close cooperation with Fujitsu Augsburg (formerly Siemens Augsburg).

The first laser system was designed to be flexible so that other, thicker sheets could also be processed. For example, 1mm-thick sheets made from copper and copper alloys were cut for the automotive suppliers industry.

Gradually, further laser systems were designed and built. Additional areas of application including laser welding and laser marking were also added to the company portfolio. The company's machinery was also expanded to the same extent.

Subsequently, we doubled the size of our production site in Grafath and then, eight years later in 2009, moved to our new company premises in Fürstenfeldbruck spread over 2,500m². The better quality of our products and the PatchWork®- and NanoWork®- stencils opened up the international market for LaserJob and led to the foundation of a North-American production site near Toronto, ON, Canada. A brand new, innovative area of application was developed in 2010 – electro-erosion using ultrashort pulse laser technology. A pulse duration of around 10ps and a corresponding high pulse power means that hard and brittle materials are also able to be processed.

Exhibitions & Conferences

  • 14. Kooperationsforum mit Fachausstellung

    Der Beitrag der Leiterplatte zur Digitalisierung

    Applikation für Automobil-, Industrie- und Medizinelektronik

    Maritim Hotel, Nürnberg

    30. Januar 2018

  • 9. DVS/GMM-Fachtagung

    Multifunktionaler Aufbau- und Verbindungstechnik-

    Beherrschung der Vielfalt

    20. - 21. 02.2018, Schwabenlandhalle Fellbach

  • 6. EPP InnovationsFORUM

    Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der Elektronikfertigung in Deutschland

    07. März 2018, Congress Center Böblingen

    Ida-Ehre-Platz, 71032 Böblingen

  • ISIT Lotpastenapplikationstage

    Technologieveranstaltung im Fraunhofer ISIT

    18. - 19. April 2018

    25524 Itzehoe, Fraunhoferstr. 1

  • smthybridpackaging

    System Integration in Micro Electronics

    05. - 07.06.2018,

    Nürnberg, Halle 4a, booth 4a-225


    International Trade Show + Conference for Additive Manufacturing
    05.06.2018 bis 07.06.2018
    Messe Erfurt, booth: 2-205

  • 13. - 16.11.2018
    Frankfurt am Main, Hall:3.0, booth:3.0-A61


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