Via fill-stencil

Lasercut LTCC-stencil (Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic)

The LTCC-technology (low temperature co-fired ceramic) is used in the hybrid-technique when several interconnection levels are realized. The connections between the layers are manufactured with very fine through-hole platings, the micro vias. A micro via is defined with a hole diameter of <300µm. The filling of the through-hole plating represents a special requirement on the accuracy of the Via fill - stencil. The Via fill - stencil shows thereby the function of a funnel, to print the silver conductive ink in the via. The positioning of the Vial fill - stencil to the hybrid and the maximum range of the tolerance of the deviation demand the minimization of the relevant tolerance limits from each process involved.


Aperture size accuracy ±3µm

Aperture positioning ±10µm

High precision of aperture diameter 

LTCC - stencil

LTCC - stencil

overview of a via-fill stencil

LTCC - stencil

LTCC - stencil

overview of a via lstencil

LTCC - stencil

LTCC - stencil

with round apertures

LTCC - stencil

LTCC - stencil

with apetures in different sizes

Which characteristic properties possesses a Via fill stencil?

As a general rule the metal sheet thickness of a Via fill stencil is below 100µm, typically 70µm. But metal sheet thicknesses up to 20µm are possible. The aperture diameters can differ between 60µm to 200µm and are in general round.

What are the delivery times for Via fill stencils?

Standard delivery time for a set (4-6 pieces) of Via fill stencils are: 5 working days.

For a single stencil: 3 working days

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