Laser cut stainless steel stencils

All laser cut stainless steel stencils from LaserJob are manufactured by the same production procedure with the same high accuracy. The decisive factor for our quality is the precise laser cut with a blade clearance of only 20µm.

Precise cut
The laser cut stainless steel stencils are produced in air condition production rooms with fiber laser. The distinct lower cutting opening (20 µm instead of formerly 40 µm) with equal depth of focus sharpness allows a reduced heat input. At the same time the edges are less coarse and the laser cutting of the stainless steel stencils is more accurate. The precision of the lightly conical apertures allows a more efficient solder paste release and increases the process window in the pick and place operation. To produce true to size laser cut stainless steel stencils it is necessary that the laser cutting process takes place in strained conditions.

Stencil rework
All laser cut stainless steel stencils from LaserJob undergo afterwards a brushing process. With our CNC-controlled brushing system the cutting burrs on the laser exit side are removed. The brush head moves in all four directions meandering over the whole area.


Exact aperture geometry

smooth walls

less coarse edges

3D-cavity stencil

3D-cavity stencil

stainless steel stencil with laserwelded 3D-cavity.

Repair stencil

Repair stencil

Repair stencils with adapted geometry.

Wafer Bumping stencil

Wafer Bumping stencil

> 60000 apertures in a size of of 90-110µm.



with the trade name PatchWork in laser cut and laser welding technology.

Services for SMD-Stencils

LaserJob provide on-site support through competent, comprehensive consultation in the layout of SMD stencils.

Further services: 
• Aperture reduction and increase
• Change of aperture form, such as home plates, rounded corners
• Aperture optimisation (anti-tombstoning)
• Rotation or reflection of overall layout or of parts of the SMD stencil

• Monitoring aspect and surface ratios, multiple application, data archiving
• Creation of layouts from existing printed circuit boards
• Layout creation for adhesive stencils
• Customer-specific frame warehouse for used frames.
   The frames are cleaned, covered and made available for further jobs.
   The current state can be retrieved at any time.

• Data archiving
• Testing protocols (also according to customer requirements)
• Data for soldering paste inspection systems
• DataMatrix - Code 
• Calibration of printed circuit boards
• Manufacture of stencils using submitted printed circuit boards,
   stencils or film.

You can submit a wide variety of date formats for the manufacture of your stencils, such as Gerber, DXF, DWG, HPGL, ODB++ and GDSII.

Shipment conditions

Common carrier:  TNT, UPS, DHL (all delivery forms) as well as direct delivery with courier delivery wih partner companies.

All LaserJob stenils are shipped in reusable packaging. To avoid damage of stencils, proven packaging materials are used. We deliver stencils in packaging as well on customer request. For stencils in tensioning systems a special storage bag is recommendend.

Delivery times for Standard- and PatchWork- stencils

Standard delivery time ex-works: 
3 working days – order received before 5 p.m.
Shipped in two working days

24-hour express service ex-works:
On request, order received before 5 p.m.
Shipped on next working day

6-hour express service ex-works:
On request, order received by 1 p.m.
Shipped on same day


Delivery times for NanoWork- stencils

Standard delivery time for NanoWork stencils ex-works:
4 working days – order received before 5 p.m. (= 1st working day),
Shipped on 4th working day

48-hour express service ex-works:
On request, order received before 5 p.m.
Shipped in two working days

24-hour express service ex-works:
On request, order received before 5.p.m.
Shipped on next working day

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