Frame and quick-clamping systems

Stencils for SMD technology are mainly produced in frames. For this purpose, light-weight frames made of aluminium profiles and frames made of aluminium cast or stainless steel are used. Aluminium cast frames are only used where very high mesh tensions and high strengths are required. The frame size depends on the screen or stencil printer. It is possible to produce almost all sizes up to a maximum processing area of 600 x 800 mm according to the customer’s wishes. Upon agreement, we keep a comprehensive selection of frames in stock for our customers so as to be able to quickly respond to orders. Our stock can be retrieved at any time.

In the past years, quick-clamping systems equipped with different mounts or guide holes have become more and more popular. Here, a quick-clamping system is used instead of framed stencils and constitutes an economical alternative to the same. Compared to stencils in quick-clamping systems, stencils with a fixed frame excel due to high durability, stable handling and high tensions. Generally, stencils of low material thickness ≤ 100 μm should always be produced in frames.

For which type of tensioning systems do we offer stencils?


VectorGuardTM  (license free)

Alpha Tetra /  Vector 260 / VectorMountTM (license fee)

QuattroFlex® / Stencilman

ZelFlex Z4P

Tensioning System LJ 745

Tensioning System LJ 745

Stencil in tensioning frame

Anodized frames

Anodized frames

colored anodized frames

Storage cabinet

Storage cabinet

The storage cabinet hods up to 100 stencils in a frame size of 29" x 29" or 150 stencils in a frame size of 23" x 23".

Storage cabinet

Storage cabinet

With the use of a numbering system, each stencil can be easily and quickly assigned.

Which advantages show quick clamping systems?

The tensioning systems were developed as a cost-saving and storage-space reducing alternative to frame-mounted stenils. 

Which advantages show frame-mounted stencils?

Frame-mounted stencils are characterised by their high durability, stable handling and high tensile strength.

Which typical standard sizes for stencils are available?

Most stencils for tensioning systems or frame mounted stencils are using sizes of  29" x 29" or 23" x 23". Oher sizes are available on request and you can find an overview in our technical data-sheet.

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