Honest – Innovative – Customer-oriented

We are delighted that the adjectives we use to describe our company have attracted your attention. In a world where we tend to be acquired as customers via the internet and the media on an increasing basis and where we are promised everything we want to hear, it is not easy to find a company who actually lives by these values. Profit optimisation and strategic orientation are cold terms which pay little attention to customer relationships and employees. In our philosophy, these corporate objectives are achieved through honesty, innovative products and the centralisation of customer requirements. This approach has been tried and tested over the past 25 years and is the foundation of our constant expansion. Honesty (fairness) is a cardinal virtue which goes way back to the principle that, without it, trusting relationships between people are simply not possible. That is why, in the business world, we believe that honesty is a fundamental pillar for long-term cooperation and, at LaserJob, long-term business relationships are standard. 


Yours, Georg and Stefan Kleemann and Robert Englmaier


 The project

with the title:"Innovative Filtermodule für die Abscheidung von Mikroplastik aus Abwasser -SimConDrill-

"New water filter removes microplastic with laser drilled micro holes"

wird vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) gefördert. Es ist Teil der BMBF‐Fördermaßnahme »KMU-innovativ: Ressourceneffizienz und Klimaschutz« im Technologie‐ und Anwendungsbereich »Nachhaltiges Wassermanagement«.

Associations / Membership

We take an active part in associations in which we share our experience gathered in the valuable collaboration with customers and partners. We participate in associations like: IPC, ZVEI and FED.

We see this as representing our contribution in a coopartive dialog with partners, customers and suppliers.

  • ZVEI

    Association of the Electrical Engineering and Electrical Industry
    Member since 2011

    Working committee: ZVEI-Design Chain für Elektronik-Systme
    Working committee: Fachgruppe Bestückung

  • FED

    Association of the Design, Printed Circuit Board- and Electrical Industry
    Member since 2002

  • IPC

    Association Connecting Electronics Industries
    Member since 2010

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