Laser welding

Perfect laser welding down to the smallest micro detail
The used pulsed Nd-YAG-Laser offers the possibility to laser weld parts and areas on micro levels solid and safe. The weld seams are always laser welded without the addition of material and are reliable interconnected without splice. With the focused/pulsed energy input of the laser beam you have the advantage of a low thermal stress and very low material distortion. With our laser systems we manufacture maximum laser welding depth of 0,8mm. With the 4 axes NC-control system, three of them with linear axes and one rotation axe we achieve optimal all-round welds. We produce from single pieces up to series production.

If a clamping device is necessary, we are able to construct and manufacture it. Typical laser welding applications are in the automotive industry, machine building and equipment industry as well as medicine- and electro industry.


High stability of welding seam
Laser welding without additional material
Minimum heat-affected zones and narrow weld seam (< 0,25mm)
Lowest material distortion
Gas-tight and water resistant welding
Optical clean laser seam  

Laser welding

Laser welding

conveyer belt with a weld seam of <250µm in width. Material: stainless steel. Belt width: 30-40cm

Laser welding

Laser welding

Filter with weld seam and welded flange gasket.

Laser welding

Laser welding

tube with welded flange gasket.

Laser welding

Laser welding

Vaporizer for smoke measurements with several welding steps.

Can we build custom fixture constructions? 

If it is necessary for the welding process we build and construct clamping devices. We can also use your custom fixture construction. Typical laser welding applications are utilized in the following industries: automotive industry, machine production and equipment industry, medical products, and electronics industry.

Do we carry out laser welding trials? 

The material should be checked in advance if it is not clear that the material is suitable for the welding process. In this specific case we carry out laser welding trails for you.

What materials can we laser weld?

The results of the welding process are heavily dependent on the selection of suitable materials. Materials for optimal welding results include:

  • Stainless stell (1.4301 und 1.4310)
  • Nickel
  • Invar
  • Gold
  • pure Aluminium 99 %
  • pure copper 99 %

Metal alloys with additives such as sulphur, lead, magnesium, silicon, zinc and carbon are worse for the laser welding process. Welding trials are required on a case-by-case basis when these allays are specified.

Can we carry out leakage tests?

We can prove the welding seam with a leakage test under a specified pressure and time. The pressure we supply can vary and can be freely selected with the help of a water bath we control the leakage.

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