Laser labelling

We label with lasers microscopically small
High quality laser labelling is used in many industrial applications. LaserJob offers laser labelling by job-shop service for a variety of industrial labelling tasks as well as for new developments and series preparations. On flat or curved surfaces or parts with complicated geometry the laser labelling is the most flexible and resistant method. You can generate during the labelling process very flexible texts, graphics, numerical sequences or codes direct from the software. Excel-, graphics or CAD-files (DXF, HPGL, XLS, CDR, PDF) may also be processed. The labelling with data-matrix-code is a very important application in the industry and production. The long shelf life and the precision of the laser labelling guarantee even after years a good readability. The identification of batches for the traceability is today an essential method in the production to label the different parts material friendly and durable.


Sustainability of the laser labelling

Flexible laser labelling (numerical sequences, flexible texts etc.)

No additional material necessary

Fast and high reliable labelling 

Laser labelling

Laser labelling

on stainless steel

laser labelling

laser labelling

Material: silicon mirror with DM-code

Laser labelling

Laser labelling

Material: Titan

laser labelling

laser labelling

material: stainless steel. High quality and decorative colorful laser labelling.

Which materials can we mark with our lasers

We can mark many metals and metal alloys like stainless steel or iron steel, as well as hardened surfaces, anodized alumina, plastics (ABS) or self-sticking foils, wood, leather, ceramics, glass etc. In most cases we have to carry out labeling tests to find out the optimum laser parameters for a high contrast labeling. Therefore we need at least one sample for testing or enough sampling material from the same batch.  

What kind of labelling can be applied? 

We can mark texts, graphics, logos, pictures, numerical sequences or codes.

What is the maximum size of the part or labelling field which can be used in our machine?

The labeling field is 180mm x 180mm and the maximum size of the part is 500mm x 500mm. With other dimensions please get in contact with us.

In which file format we need the data?

We use Excel-, graphics or CAD-files (DXF, HPGL, XLS, CDR, PDF). If there is no graphic available, you can send us a hand drawing and we generate the CAD-file.

Do we label single pieces?

We mark single pieces, but we need always a sample for testing, to find optimal parameters for high-contrast labeling. If there is no further piece available, then provide us with a material from the same production batch like the piece.

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