Laser cutting

We laser cut in micro dimensions.
With a working surface of 600 x 800 mm we laser cut with high-performance Nd-YAG-laser extremely fine. Our micro exact and high focused laser material process leads to ideal and gentle treatment of the material and stands for little material distortion, minimum change in material properties and optimum contour definition.

Choice of material to be laser cut with our laser systems
By default, all materials and alloys as well as metal composite listed in table 1 (see data-sheet) can be processed in the given dimensions. For any enquiries for other metals please contact our specialists. By laser cutting very thin metal foils in metal thicknesses of 0,010-0,020 mm we recommend the use of a device. The device can be built in our facility.


No material distortion  

Contour accuracy of ± 5 µm

Prototyping up to full-scale production

Treatment of hardened surfaces 

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

various parts in copper with mechanical treatment: bending technology

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

laser cutted structrue with small web width of 200-300µm in stainless steel.

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Nitinol wire in a diameter of 400µm. Centre splitted with a gap of 20µm.

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

various parts in stainless steel with mechanical treatment: bending technology

What materials and materials thicknesses we can process?  

Materials which are mentioned in the graph are our standard materials which we have on stock. Special materials are available on request. Besides stainless steel materials with special material properties we can deliver materials with e.g. higher tensile strength or higher fine grain degree.

Material Min Thickness (mm)Max Thickness (mm)
Stainless steel ST37 Stahl        0,010                                     2,0
Tin Plates0,0102,0
Aluminium AlMg30,0101,5
Anodised Alu 0,0101,5
Copper Cu0,0100,8
Copper/Berrylium CuBe0,0100,8
Brass CuZn0,0101,0
Gold Au0,20,8

What type of iron steels we have on stock?

LaserJob has an extensive stock of metals available to fulfil the requirements of our customers in regards of quality and fast delivery. Material test certificates are available upon request. In addition stainless steel with specific properties e.g. with higher tensile strength or higher fine grain properties are deliverable as well. Stanless steel materials are deliverable in material thickness of 0.020mm – 2.0mm in steps of 0.010mm

MaterialMin material thickness (mm)Max material thickness (mm)
Stainless Steel ST37 Stahl         0,010                                     2,0

What sizes can we process? 

We process parts with a working surface of maximum 600 x 800mm.

Which tolerances do we guarantee?

We guarantee a contour accuracy of

  • ±5 µm up to 50 µm material thickness
  • ±10 µm up to 100 µm material thickness
  • ±20 µm up to 600 µm material thickness
  • ±50 µm > 600 µm material thickness

and a position accuracy of ±10 µm. Besides that we measure the parts and document it in a certificate or measuring protocol.

What kind of rework steps do we offer?

LaserJob has the ability to deliver the manufactured parts burr free or with a minimum burr due to unique properties of the cutting quality. If special requirements are required we offer rework treatments in form of

With a CNC controlled brushing system, the cutting burrs on the laser exit side are removed. The brush head moves in all four directions, covering the entire area.

Polishing or manual grinding
If the parts are delicate and below a material thickness of 0.2 mm, we recommend manual grinding of the parts.

Grinding (Trovalizing)
With a capacity of 5 or 10ltr/container all parts can be treated with a material thickness of 0.5 mm and a maximum size of 50 x 50 mm.

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