Laser ablation

Since 2011, LaserJob has utilized a new and innovative laser beam source which offers new

fields for laser ablation applications. With the development of an ultra-short pulsed laser (USP laser), the field of laser ablation applications expand. Pulses with a short duration of less than 15 ps (15 x 1012 s) and pulse peak power of several MW can show completely different absorption behaviors of the materials in the laser ablation process. Since heat conduction is no longer possible in such a short time, the molecule chains are broken off directly with the grid structure of the material.

Even materials which do not react with a wave length of 530 nm (green) (e.g. glasses, sapphires, etc.) are now possible to process with USP lasers. LaserJob’s USP laser even allows laser ablation, borehole drilling and structure surfacing of metal alloys.


laser ablation of glasses, polymers, sapphires, diamonds

laser ablation of ceramic substrates without micro cracks

laser ablation of very fine layers

laser ablation

laser ablation

on copper with different ablation depth

laser ablation

laser ablation

on stainless steel

laser ablation

laser ablation

on stainless steel. Whatch hands.

laser ablation

laser ablation

on ceramic

Which materials can we treat with our ultra-short pulse laser?

Metal, metal alloys, stainless steel, polymers, glass, ceramic, diamond, sapphire. If you have additional materials, please contact us for further information.

Are additional rework steps necessary? 

Because of the cold material treatment no melt deposition appears. The material sublimates during the laser process treatment that means the phase transition directly from the solid to the gas phase takes place.

Which thickness layers of the material can be ablated?  

We ablate thickness layers of few microns to several 100 microns in dependence of the material. The geometry of the parts which we ablate or structure can differ a lot. 

How can we control the degree of ablation?

Many testing equipment are available. We measure with a 3D-digital microscopy the degree of ablation and angles. The measurements are documented in form of a certificate.

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