Laser material processing

In the laser material process LaserJob uses innovative and self-conceived laser systems with highest precision to cut, weld, drill and label filigree parts and forms after customer requests. The speciality of the laser material processing is the treatment of very thin stainless steel foils starting from 0,010mm with minimum tolerances of ± 0,003mm. To guarantee a tight cutting opening of 20µm, mainly fiber lasers or pulsed Nd-YAG-lasers with the support of compressed air are in use, which are characterized by a reduced heat input into the material. We cut single components for you up to full-scale production with a working surface of 550 x 560 mm or 600 x 800 mm in the laser material process.


no material distortion
contour accuracy of ± 5 µm
contact-free material processing
treatment of hardened surfaces
prototyping up to full-scale production  

Laser Material Processing

Laser Material Processing

Vaporizer for smoke measurements. A combination of laser cut and Laser weld technology.

Laser Material Processing

Laser Material Processing

various parts. Valve plate, washer and circlip in laser cut technology.

Laser Material Processing

Laser Material Processing

meander-formed tool with small web width of 300µm. Material: stainless steel, thickness of material:0,100mm Industrie: automotive

Laser Material Processing

Laser Material Processing

laser structure with web width of 200-300µm in stainless steel. Material thickness: 100µm

Which file formats can we manage?

From hand sketches to CAD drawings we can generate cutting instructions for the laser. Some of the file formats we can accommodate include: DXF / DWG / HPGL / Gerber / DPF / ODB++ / GDSII / IGES. We are also able to convert image files such as JPEG/TIFF or Photoshop files.

Which mechanical treatment steps are we offering?

In addition to cutting, welding, drilling or labeling, moulded components can be mechanically modified and enhanced with the use of the laser.  Examples include: bending, creating cavities, and milling.

Can we build custom fixture constructions?

Yes, we construct and build custom fixture constructions and you can provide us your device as well.

How fast we can deliver your parts?

Our standard delivery time ex works is 5-7 working days.

24 hours or 48 hours express service is after notification

Can we passivate the surfaces of your parts?

Yes, we work with external companies together, who are able to passivate or coat your parts. We offer complete execution.

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