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The additive manufacturing of metals is one of the most impressive technologies to produce the most complex component in a single production process. The 3D metal printing offers total new possibilities in the laser material processing. We at LaserJob Rapid.3D are dealing only with the production of 3D-components made of metal, like stainless steel, alumina and titan.

 A perfect 3D metal printing process requires an ideal planning of the CAD construction. Our key objective is the support and consulting in the preparation of the 3D CAD drawing. Our experienced team in the CAD - construction will provide you with comprehensive advice on how to plan and generate the 3d drawing and we assist you in the choice of material selection. We support you with samples and prototypes.

In addition to the 3D-metal printing we offer the classical laser material processing like, laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling, laser labeling and laser ablation.


JobShop for 3D-metal printing

Production of filigree components

Production of complex components

Sampling / Prototyping

3D Metal printing

3D Metal printing

3D Metal printing

3D Metal printing

3D Metal printing

3D Metal printing

3D Metal printing

3D Metal printing

Do we process large-scale production?

We are specialist for sample productions, prototypes and small-scale productions. Our main focus is the production of filigree parts made of metal.

Which layer thicknesses can we print?

In dependance of the metal powder and grain size we can print thickness layers of 20µm, 40µm and 50µm.

What do we offer in addition to the 3D metal printing?

We have an experience of more than 25 years in the classical laser material process like laser cut, laser drilling, laser welding, laser ablation and laser doposition and repair welding. We offer complete execution, including bending, sinking and coating. We offer custom fixture constructions. 

What do we understand under data storage? 

We store all informations about your order including the drawing in our production order. In case of a follow-up order we can refer to it. We store the production order 10 years. 

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